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Vladimir Stefanov about his job as a surgeon and heart bypass surgery

Vladimir Stefanov about his job as a surgeon and heart bypass surgery

Vladimir Stefanov is one of the most experienced and precise surgeons of our time. Having performed hundreds of operations, he is best known for heart bypass surgery (CABG) expertise. The surgeon knows everything about the occupation and who should undertake it.

In this article, Mr. Stefanow shares his thoughts on the job, what makes a great surgeon, and CABG. 

The Daily Life of a Surgeon.

It's no ordinary life; the volume of responsibilities is massive, from monitoring the team and meeting requirements to performing life-saving surgeries. Some days are calmer and only involve minimally invasive operations. But saving someone from going beyond for 10+ hours is also a part of a surgeon's life.

It's not like Vladimir Stefanov is constantly operating. A lot of time is spent at the office:

  • Consulting patients.
  • Discussing their health issues and prospects.
  • Analyzing cases.
  • Discussing practical issues and forecasts on surgeries.
  • Talking about the drugs to be used before the operation, etc.
  • Communication with other doctors is also vital as it helps exchange techniques and learn more about cases.

Vladimir Stefanov considers all sides of a surgeon's practice essential for professional growth.

What Qualities Make a Good Surgeon?

While having a passion for what you do is fundamental, there are many more qualities one should have to become a good surgeon:

  • Knowledge.
  • You have to be well-versed to be able to even consult people. Practice is what will make you a great specialist, but without sufficient knowledge, it won't be relevant. Besides, the world is changing rapidly, and learning about new techniques and tech is important for future practice. People turn to doctors who are progressive and go along with the development of healthcare and technology.
  • Mechanical skills.
  • Your hands must be steady and well-coordinated. Developing strong motor skills is crucial if you want to perform surgeries, especially CABG, which we're going to talk about later on. Vladimir Stefanov says that he was in awe of the complexity of the human body at the beginning of his career. Moreover, he says that the best surgeons never seem to hurry, even if it's a life-death situation. This is because their movements are small and fast, without losing energy, and automatic. To achieve such a result, you can do a number of exercises.
  • Calmness and stress-resistance.
  • Calmness and resistance to stress are vital in every situation, according to Vladimir Stefanov. No blaming others, no shouting at nurses because something has happened, no panic during an operation when everything goes wrong. Your mind has to be clear and crisp, working at the speed of light and looking for solutions as soon as the first sign of a problem appears.
  • Mental and physical stability.
  • Another important set of factors are mental and physical stability. Surgeries can go on for over 10 hours. You need the support of your body and mind to go through such challenges. Keep your lifestyle active, instill healthy habits, visit a psychologist or psychotherapist when necessary.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Vladimir Stefanov says that in and out of the surgery room, you will have to communicate with a lot of people. Assistants, nurses, other doctors, patients, their families, etc. You have to be sound, speak clearly, and be able to keep dialogue, no matter what the situation is. The surgeon is a support for the whole team and the patient undergoing the operation. You have to be the leader but have common sense. 
  • Honesty and sense of reality.
  • A decent surgeon like Vladimir Stefanov will try all possible treatments for his or her patients. They should be approached realistically and honestly. Every person deserves to know their chances, so be honest. But also, evaluate the situation before breaking the news. Make the benefit and wellbeing of the people turning to you the first priority while you're at the hospital.

Vladimir Stefanov says that to become a qualified medical expert, one needs years of learning and practice, physical and mental exercise, and social skills development. Finding the right balance of leadership, calmness, support, and honesty will help you catch the right tune.

Vladimir Stefanov About Heart Bypass Surgery.

Blocked blood vessels are a common life and death situation. Heart bypass surgery or CABG is one of the common operations done to help patients with coronary artery blockage. Mr. Stefanov has a lot of experience on this topic and was kind enough to share his knowledge.

What You Need to Know About Heart Bypass Surgery.

The most common symptom of a blocked artery is chest pain. One may also feel weakness, nausea, and experience massive sweating.

During the surgery, the blocked vessel(s) is/are replaced. Most times, the process is safe and the results include the improvement of heart function and reduction of heart attack risks.

Vladimir Stefanov says that CABG is usually an open operation, but lately, a minimally invasive method has appeared. In any case, it's a difficult surgery requiring preparation and recovery. 

While it's performed on adults with a heart attack or a blocked blood vessel, in children, this is one of the treatments for a congenital heart defect.

There are several cases when such a surgery is vital:

  • Severe chest pain because of the blockage.
  • The need for heart attack treatment when other methods fail to work.
  • Blockage of the left artery.

The patient has to meet some requirements, including age, overall health condition, symptoms, and how well their heart is working.

Vladimir Stefanov also mentions that this surgery has to be performed by a true professional that will handle stressful situations and support their team. Sometimes, things go out of control, and it’s essential to stay calm and do everything necessary to fix the issue. 70% of cases are open operations, so skills and sharp vision make a difference.


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